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Stainless Steel Black Kitchen Sinks

Stainless Steel Black Kitchen Sinks

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BenHome Sanitary Ware Hardware Products.

Kitchen Fauect, Basin Faucet,Sitchen Sink, Shower and Bathroom Accessories.
We provide OEM/ODM, print your LOGO, and CUSTOM MADE PACKAGE.
Nano sink
The stainless steel sink with nano anti-fouling and anti-rust technology is added with high-efficiency nano silver ions, and the antibacterial rate is more than 99%. It has long-lasting antibacterial, deodorant and anti-mildew properties, which more effectively protects the main body of the stainless steel sink and prolongs its service life; It can also prevent the wire brush wiping cloth and other daily cleaning appliances from being scratched, is easy to wipe and clean, and is not easy to fall after long-term use, making your daily cleaning more sanitary and safer.
Product Name
304 Stainless Steel Black Kitchen Sinks BH801H
Large Bowl Size
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Surface Treatment
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Double Bowl
Nano lotus leaf bionic technology, Antibacterial
Why Choose SS kitchen sink?
Advantages of stainless steel kitchen sink:
A.The stainless steel material does not contain Pb, and it is one of the safe materials for
human body.
B.The body of the stainless steel sink is produced by a precision casting process. The internal and external
surfaces of the product are smooth and delicate, and there is no hidden danger to hygiene and safety.
C.All bodies are corrosion-resistant and do not require electroplating.
D.All production processes are environmentally friendly, and there is no environmental impact.
E.As long as new, there is no abrasion or shedding of the plating layer.

Precautions for installation:
A. Before installing the sink, wash away the dirty water, residue, sand, impurities, etc. remaining on the countertop, and then install the sink to avoid water leakage in the cracks that are not smooth. B. Check the installation dimensions, do not install forcibly, so as not to damage the product parts. C. Regularly scrub and decontaminate the surface with detergent to keep the surface clean. D. Do not use any abrasive cleaners, hard cloths, paper towels or steel balls, and any acidic, rough cleaners or soaps to wipe the surface of the sink.
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