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FEST commercial pizza oven two deck two deck 40 liters bread oven 13 inch oven pizza

FEST commercial pizza oven two deck two deck 40 liters bread oven 13 inch oven pizza

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Buy bakery machines from FEST
To be chef: Welcome to FEST, FEST is professional on bakery machines over 18 years, provide multi purpose food mixer, fermenter, oven, etc.

FEST commercial pizza oven dual-decks single door 40 liters bread oven 13 inch oven pizza

🍕【Pizzas up to 13 Inches in Diameter】The pizza drawer can hold pizzas up to 13 inches in diameter. You will be able to bake a frozen pizza from start to finish in less than 8 minutes(preheating needed). Great for your kitchen, dorm room, camping and parties. 🍪【0-120 Minute Timer 50-350 °C Temperature Adjustable】Different baking time (0-120 minutes) can be set according to different foods. The timer will turn off after the set time. 50-350°C, the temperature can be adjusted. 🍞【Removable Crumb Tray】Cook pizza, bruschetta, quesadillas, bread, pies, and more. To clean the crumb tray, take it out and wash it with warm water. After drying, put it back in the oven. 🍔【Detachable Cool-Touch Handle】The detachable black handle is easy to remove and install, making cooking safer. (Note: The handle is stuck in the foam. Please check carefully after receiving it) 🍟【Easy to Maintain】The stainless steel oven body and bakeware are easy to clean. Whether it is oil or burnt food, you can clean it with a soft cloth. (Note: Pizza oven needs to cool down for a while before cleaning)
Focus on Pizza Baking
Make baking professional 1.Touch screen 2.Precise temperature control 3.Temperature resistant cordierite slab 4.50-350℃, independent temperature control 5.6-key memory menu 6.Cordierite slab * 2pcs
Computer temperature control
Microcomputer touch control, know every 1℃ temperature difference
From upper to bottom: 1.Up Temperature 2.Center Temperature 3.Bottom Temperature 4.Timer 5.Barbecue 6.Other Functions 7.Care Instruction
40 liters available, knob/touch control available
real 40 liters capacity, perfect for home and commercial Double decks for (8pcs 6” pizza baking) Double decks for (4pcs 9” pizza baking) Double decks for (2pcs 9”pizza + 2pcs 6” pizza) Double decks for (2pcs 12” pizza baking)
various temperature and perfect for various food
Adjustable temperature, avoid uncooked, avoid burned, lock food nutrition. 50-350℃ temperature 1.50-130℃ dried fruit 2.130-180℃ cakes, bread,etc 3.180-220℃ crispy cake, pizza 4.220-350℃ meat barbecue
Suitable for various food, such as pizza, pastry, cake, bread,chicken wings, egg tarts, roast chicken, toast, etc
Evenly Heated
Good for different food shops 1.Independent up and down temperature control 2.Vertical even heating 3.Horizontally even heating
Baking Pizza Easily
1.Independent up and down temperature control, avoid of uncooked or over-cooked 2.Far infrared and electric tube heating,no need turn-over
Temperature resistant cordierite slab
Upgraded cordierite slab, evenly of heat wave is several times that of ordinary one! Good job of baking pizza and bread.
Wonderderful cordierite slab
Cordierite slab baking, depth restoration of delicious
Energy saving * time saving Cordierite slab can accumulate heat. When baking stops and again, need less preheating time, serve food faster.
Professional pizza baking oven
1.Can bake 13 inch pizza 2.Oven Special for Pizza The pizza baked on a cordierite slab, has a crispy bottom, taste good!
Double cordierite slabs 40*40 cm large stone slab * 2pcs, grilled more 40 liters oven pizza can bake in one-go: OuBao * 20pcs 6” pizza * 8pcs 8” pizza * 4pcs 12” pizza * 2pcs chick wing * 100pcs Moon cake * 50pcs grilled fish * 6pcs baked rice * 8pcs Bread * 20pcs
3-step make a pizza in less than 15 minutes without preheating

Details for Pizza Oven
Easy Operate,touch screen/knob 1.Anti-scalding large handle: wide handle, for safe when opening and closing door 2.temperature resistant glass: Double-layer heat insulation, good light transmission
Details for Pizza Oven
3.Built-in lamp: Know your food status 4.Cooling holes on both sides: Effectively control the temperature in oven
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